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Triple Services from One account, including;

 Singles Matchmaking

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This is our BASIC Plan

 100% Matchmaking Software
 0% Human input
 $10 per month
 Photos Upload Max – 5
 Video Upload Max – 0



This is our PREMIUM Plan

 50% Matchmaking Software
 50% Human input
 $100 per month
 Photos Upload Max – 10
 Video Upload Max – 50



This is our VIP/EXEC Plan

 0% Matchmaking Software
 1000% Human input
 $1000 per month
 Photos Upload Max – 20
 Video Upload Max – 10



In the olden days, Singles Matchmaking happened exclusively through middle-aged and aged women and men who made it their business to find others, wives and husbands. They were good at what they did because they kept their ears to the ground and knew the goings-on of unmarried men and women. Using this knowledge they found people their soul mate or spouse. This was an unofficial but old profession.

In the 21st Century, Singles Matchmaking has become a highly … continue reading


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