JC Singles Family - The Benefits

Member of Something Beneficial

Be part of a family of like-minded singles doing great and exciting stuff.

Enjoy Amazing Connections

Connect for love, for romance, for business and great fun with members.

Enjoy making New Friendships

With the JC Singles Monthly Friendship Circle, you can make new friends.

Highly Rewarding Referral Network

Become part of a highly rewarding JC referral network that changes your financial situation .

Enjoy Awesome Group Fun Events

JC organized all types of fun based events, seminars, games and fellowships.

Quality Consultations and Counselling

Enjoy deep private or open consultations and Counselling for members.

For all Singles connected to Africa

All African Singles, including the Never Married, the divorced and the widowed. If you are authentically single, serious about finding a love/romantic partner. Where you live doesn’t matter, as long as your love interest if related to Africa. Find Love, find new friendship, enjoy sound counselling and group fun events.

Interested in a vibrant Social Family

Join a family that has your best socio-spiritual interest, creating complimentary environment for your good.

Achieve great Financial Freedom

Our founder being an experienced businessman and Network marketer, join to achieve financial freedom.