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Singles Online Dating - The Problem

The online dating world has become a jungle full of fake profiles, scammers and fraudsters. Single people are tired of the endless swiping left and right and have become frustrated with all the wasted time.

Singles Online Dating - Our Solution

Combining the old and the New approach to Singles Matchmaking, Justified Connect has taken the best features of traditional singles matchmaking services and the convenience of online dating and combined them into a premium service that provides its members with a professional singles matchmaking experience and can take charge of their love lives.


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Background of Matchmaking
From Manual in time past to Modern Software

In the olden days, Singles Matchmaking happened exclusively through middle-aged and aged women and men who made it their business to find others, wives and husbands. They were good at what they did because they kept their ears to the ground and knew the goings-on of unmarried men and women. Using this knowledge they found people their soul mate or spouse. This was an unofficial but old profession. 

In the 21st Century, Singles Matchmaking has become a highly ……….READ MORE

Singles Matchmaking is a age old process of connecting two people who are looking for love, romance, and friendship. Traditional Singles Matchmaking happened exclusively through middle-aged and aged women and men who made it their business to find others, wives and husbands, however Modern Singles Matchmaking is an online service that helps people find their perfect match by matching them with like-minded singles based on their personal preferences and deal breakers. 

With this service, singles can find their true love, create meaningful relationships, and even find lifelong friendships, including marriage.

Justified Connect Singles Matchmaking Service offers a premium service that provides the perfect platform for two people to connect with each other in a private, safe and secure environment, towards finding love, romance, friendship and marriage. 

With its advanced algorithms, it takes into account the individual’s detailed bio information, deal breakers, personal preferences, and other factors to ensure that they are matched with someone who fits their criteria. This way, serious singles can be rest assured that they will be connected with someone who shares similar values and interests as them. It also provides more options for customizing the search criteria so that users can find exactly what they are looking for without any hassle.

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