Overview of Justified Connect Referral Programme.


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What you need to know:
1. Joining IOC is your first step towards joining the Justified Connect referral Programme.
2. IOC is the service provider of the Justified Connect Referral Programme
3. Justified Connect Singles Matchmaking Service offers three subscription options:
(A) Isusu Gold Member Agent - $100/Yr (Referral Programme required)
(B) Isusu Gold Member Direct - $200/Yr (No Referral Programme required)
(C) isusu Diamond Direct - $500/Yr (No Referral Programme required)
4. IOC platform is for everyone, Single or married.
5. IOC is for everyone; interested in the Singles Matchmaking service or not.
6. Earn from two income streams. (a) Matrix Upgrade Bonus (MUB) and Referral Success Bonus (RSB)
7. Earn a maximum of $640 from Matrix Upgrade Bonus, over three levels.
8. Earn $40 for each and every successful referral - for life, as your referral link is active forever.